Doctor Shiva at Vaitheeswaran Temple in Tamil Nadu

In Hindu mythology gods are depicted as having various forms (avatars) and most of these forms are worshipped. Most of the avatars of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvathi, etc. have different shrines spread across India. Similarly, the Vaitheeswaram Temple in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to a form of Lord Shiva. Here Lord Shiva is worshipped as Sri Vaidhyanatha; ‘vaidhya’ means doctor and hence Vaidhyanath is believed to be the ‘God of Healing’.

Legend of Vaitheeswaram Temple According to a legend, once Angaraka (Mars) was suffering from leprocy. So, he was told to seek blessings from Vaidhyanatheeswara. Soon after Angaraka was cured of the disease and from that time onwards this shrine was considered as Navagraha Temples. Another myth says that when Lord Subrahmanya’s army was severly injured in the war against Surapadam (demon), Lord Shiva heals all the injuries by transforming as Vaitheeswaran.

Vaitheeswaran Temple Complex Vaitheeswaran Temple is a large temple complex with many shrines. The sanctum houses the Shiva Linga who is worshipped as Vaitheeswaran. Apart from the main shrine, there are many small temples dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya, Goddess Durga, Sun God, Angaraka and so on. There is also a temple pond which is called as Jatayu Kundam. It is said that Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lakshmana came here to worship Vaitheeswaran. Hence, this is considered as a holy pond.

Location of Vaitheeswaran Temple Vaitheeswaran Temple is also called as Pullirukkuvelur in Tamil Nadu. It is situated at South Madavilagam at Nagapattinam. Vaitheeswaran Temple is around km from Mayiladuthurai in Tamil Nadu. Interestingly, this village is known for an ancient Nadi astrology. Many visitors who go there also make it a point to get predictions from the astrologers who practice this Nadi astrology.

Festivals at Vaitheeswaran Temple Vaitheeswaran Temple is a venue for several ceremonies and festivals. The annual Brahmotsavam is one of the grandest festivals celebrated at Vaitheeswaran Temple. Even during the time of Shiva ratri special poojas are performed. How to Reach Vaitheeswaran Temple Vaitheeswaran Temple is situated near to Mayiladuthurai. It can be reached by bus or car as it is near Mayiladuthurai State Highway. Therefore, Vaitheeswaran Temple is one of the unique temples in Tamil Nadu. People believe that Lord Vaidhyanatha will cure all the diseases. Hence, many people go there to pray for good health.

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