The vimana, the tower over the sanctum and the spacious halls and corridors. The temples were not just a place of worship and were a place for social gathering, education and celebration. The temples also acted as the storehouses for emergencies and many a temple also maintained hospitals. The art and craft flourished and was encouraged in the temples. Art was performed in all the forms, i.e., music, dance, drama and handicrafts.

We attempt to make our site the last word in Tamilnadu tourist information. Our site would prove beneficial for foreigners and people living outside the state to know about the Tamilnadu cultures and serve them as a guide for Tamilnadu travel and tourism.

Our aim is specialized  individual  website for Each an every temple in india. Minimum cost  Rs.3300/- (Domain registration and hosting space and maintenance)

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Through our site, we attempt to present before you the mythological legends associated with each temple, the facts about the origin of these temples, their location, ways of reaching them etc. This will help you decide to visit these temples and the ways of planning the trip.

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A great deal of effort has been put forth to present before you accurate information about not only the temples which are famous and well known, but also the smaller temples which we think should not be left out by any pilgrim. Often big temples, through their massive outward appearance catch the attention of a devotee whereas the smaller temples fade into darkness. We have attempted to bring before you those minor details about such temples so that it also gets the attention that it rightfully deserves.

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