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Details of Each Temple

Temple Name
Temple Address
Detailed Views
Main Goddess 
Built By 
About The Temple 
Historical News.
Mythological History 
Pilgrimage Attaractions of temple
Temple tower photo
Entrance photo
Viewed list statistics
Time of opening
Special arathanas.
Around this place
Visiting Hours
Fesitival Photos
Any Moral story
Specialty  of  temple
Known For
The Vahanams In The Temple 
Temple Architecture 
Worship Services And Festivals 
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  • Rail
  • Road
Known For
Google Map
Statistics – with ip
Peoples comments.
Stothiram / mandhiram
Yearly updation done
Latest News from this temple
Fesitivals time poojas or shows.
Maintenance of temple
Kumbabisekam done
Links to other relative sites
Members page
Admin Page
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Temple website  Name www.templename.in
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We attempt to make our site the last word in Tamilnadu tourist information. Our site would prove beneficial for foreigners and people living outside the state to know about the Tamilnadu cultures and serve them as a guide for Tamilnadu travel and tourism.

Through our site, we attempt to present before you the mythological legends associated with each temple, the facts about the origin of these temples, their location, ways of reaching them etc. This will help you decide to visit these temples and the ways of planning the trip.

Please send the details please ensure that only the correct details are being sent in order to maintain the sacredness and exactness of the information presented to the world. It is better if you can send the following details

Temple Name                                     :
Swami Name                                      :
Ambaal Name:
Any other important deity of the temple         :
Thiirththam (pond or river)                    :
Sthala vruksham (tree of the temple)     :
Great saints who visited the temple       :
And then a detailed Sthala puraaNam    :



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