Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti Temple is found in the city of Srikalahasti, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Srikalahasti Temple one of the foremost famous Shiva temples in South India, and is claimed to be the location wherever Kannappa was able to supply each his eyes to hide blood flowing from the Shiva linga before the Lord Shiva stopped him and granted him mukti.

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SriKalahasti temple, located 36 kilometer far from Tirupati is known for its Vayu linga, one in every of the Panchabhoota Sthalams, representing wind. The Srikalahasti Temple inner temple was created around 5th century and also the outer temple was created within the 12th century by the Chola kings and also the Vijayanagara kings. Vayu is incarnated as Lord Shiva and worshiped as Kalahasteeswara.

Importance  of  Srikalahasti Temple:

The Srikalahasti Temple is additionally related to Rahu and Kethu (of the 9 grahams or celestial bodies within the Indian astrological scheme). The river Suvarnamukhi takes the northerly course at SriKalahasti virtually laundry the west wall of the celebrated Srikalahasti Temple. Within this terribly massive temple, located between 2 steep hills Sripuram and Mummidi-cholapuram, is that the Sivalinga set to represent the part of Vayu.

This Srikalahasti Temple is taken into account because the Kailash of the South or Dakshin Kailashi. Saivaite saints of the primary century herb concerning this temple.

Srikalahasti Temple History:

This Srikalahasti Temple is one of the foremost spectacular Hindu deity temples in India. This temple options a massive, ancient gopuram (entrance tower) over the most gates. The tower is 36.5 m (120 ft) high. The complete temple is sculpted out of the aspect of a large stone hill.

The initial structure of this Srikalahasti Temple was created by the Pallava family within the 5th century. The Chola kings and therefore the the Vijayanagara kings also gave nice facilitate for the temple development. Like alternative nice temples, the development amount of Srikalahasthi temple lasted centuries. Round the 10th century, the Chola kings restored the temple and created the most structure.

The 120 feet (37 m) high main gopuram and also the 100 pillar mandapam were created by Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagara king in 1516

 Srikalahasti Temple Architecture:

Srikalahasti Temple Gopuram ( Tower ):

This ancient Srikalahasti Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one in every of the 5 Panchabhootha stalams (temples celebrating Lord Shiva because the embodiment of the 5 primary elements), air (wind) being the part during this case; the opposite parts being water at (Thiruvanaikaval), fireplace at (Annamalaiyar Temple), earth at (Ekambareswarar Temple) and house at (Chidambaram Temple) that Shiva embodies.

There is a lamp in the inner sanctum that’s perpetually unsteady despite the lack of air movement within. The air-linga may be discovered to move even once the monks shut off the doorway to the most god space, that doesn’t have any windows. One will see the flames on many ghee lamps flicker as if blown by moving air. The linga is white and is considered Swayambhu, or self-manifested.

Kalahasti is encircled by 2 sacred hills. The Durgama temple is on the northern hill. On the south hill there’s the shrine of Kannabeswara, in memory of the Sage Kannappa, WHO offered his eyes to the Lord. There’s additionally a Srikalahasti Temple dedicated to LordSubramanya on one in every of the encircling hills.

The main shiva linga is untouched by human hands, even by the priest. Abhisheka (bathing) is completed by running a mix of water, milk,camphor, and panchamrita. Sandal paste, flowers and also the sacred thread are offered to the utsava-murti, not the most linga.

Legend of Srikalahasti Temple:

Sri Kalahasti is called when the staunch devotees of Lord Shiva. They were the Spider (Sri), the Serpent (Kala) and also the Elephant (Hasti). Appeased with their unintimidated devotion, Lord Shiva gave them a boon that their names be united with the Vayulinga and referred to as as Sri Kalahasteeswara in keeping with Hindu mythology,

The elephant or Hasti used to clean the Shiva god by watering the idol with the assistance of river-water carried in his trunks and pray for him by inserting Vilva leaves. The spider or Sri tried to protect the god from external harm by weaving his net and to supply shelter for the Shiva symbol. The snake or Kala used to place its precious gem on the linga to adorn the lord. during this means, all of them loved the Vayu linga singly while not knowing what the opposite was doing.

One day, the spider had built an awfully massive and thick net round the god to safeguard it from dust and weather whereas the snake places its gem. The elephant not knowing this and presumptuous that this manner of puja by Sri and Kala could be a violation by the superficial miscreants, pours water thereon and cleans it up. This causes a war between the 3. The snake punishes the elephant by getting into its trunk and within the method kills itself whereas the elephant runs amok and hits its trunk and head against the shiva linga.

During this struggle, the spider is press against the linga by the elephant’s trunk and also the elephant dies owing to the snake’s poison. Lord Shiva then appeared and gave moksha to any or all 3 of them for his or her unselfish devotion. The spider takes rebirth as a good king whereas the elephant and also the snake reach heaven for satisfying all its karma.

This king continues his smart work from his previous birth and builds a range of temples that seeks to protect the underlying god with loads of stones. it’s fascinating to notice that each one his temples, keep the god on the far side the access of AN elephant. during this Srikalahasti Temple, access to the immortal is thru a slender passage within the aspect of the building that stops AN elephant from extending its trunk over the lord from any aspect.


Gnana Prasunambika Devi in Srikalahasti Temple:

There are many alternative legends connected to the glory of the Srikalahasti Temple. Distinguished among them is of Parvati WHO was cursed by Lord Shiva to discard her natural object and assume the human type. To induce free off the on top of curse Parvati did an extended penance here. Happy along with her deep devotion Lord Shiva once more restored her body – 100 times higher than her previous natural object and initiated varied mantras together with thePanchakshari. Sequent of this, Parvati gained and came to be called Shiva-Gnanam Gnana Prasunamba or Gnana Prasunambika Devi.

Gnanakala  of  Srikalahasti Temple:

Cursed to become a ghost Ghanakala prayed at Srikalahasti for 15 years and when singing Bhairava Mantra over and over Lord Shiva restored her original kind.


Devatas  prayed Srikalahasti Temple

MayuraChandra and Devendra were additionally free of their curses when taking bathtub within the stream Swarnamukhi and prayed at Srikalahasti.


Markandeya prayed Srikalahasti Temple

To Bhakta Markandeya, Lord Shiva appeared in Sri Kalahasti and preached that a Guru alone may build esoteric teachings and, so he’s Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara.


Kannappa prayed

 At Srikalahasti Temple, Lord Shiva tested the unshakable devotion of Thinnadu (Later became Bhaktha Kannappa) before the sages gathered at SriKalahasti. together with his divine power, Lord Shiva created a tremor and also the roof first-rate of the Srikalahasti Temple began to fall. All the sages ran far from the scene except Kannappa WHO lined the linga together with his body to stop it from any harm.

In another incident, Kannappa plucked out one in every of his eyes and placed within the eye of Linga that was oozing with blood and tears. once the tears and also the blood were still trickling from another eye, Kannappa set to remove his second eye and placed one of his feet on the spot of the correct eye of the Shiva Linga. Before he may pull out his second eye with the arrow, Lord Shiva appeared and restored  his eye whereas granting him a boon to occupy an area near him.

According to Hindu Sivananda’s book, 63 Nayanar Saints, pg. 44, some Saivite traditions believe that Kannappa was the reincarnation of Arjuna. Arjuna, loved Shiva for seeking the Pasupatha Astra and didn’t acknowledge Him within the style of a hunter. Thus, in keeping with this tradition, Arjuna had to change state as a hunter and love the Lord before attaining final liberation.

Srikalahasti Temple Festvales :

Mahasivaratri is an important festival once lakhs of people supply prayers to seek the blessings of the Lord to realize Mukti.


Rahu  Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja in Srikalahasti Temple:

Srikalahasteeswara Swamy Srikalahasti Temple is purported because the Rahu Kethu Kshetra, If the people who have Rahu Kethu Doshas and Sarpa Doshas, the UN married and No youngsters and people WHO face varied issues for long amount and perform the foremost effective Rahu – Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja during this Srikalahasti Temple all the Doshas get removed and desired results occur. Thousands of Devotees from the country and abroad perform this puja and fulfill their vows once more and once more when receiving smart results.

Rahu – Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja may be performed daily between 6:30 A.M and 9:00 P.M. this can be a popular puja undertaken by devotees at this temple. this can be offered in 3 variations, all of that serve the same purpose however supply variable degrees of comfort and special treatment for the devotee. There are three rates for pooja; Rs. 300/, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 1500/-. While Rs. 300/- and Rs. 750/- pooja is performed outside prakaram(outer courtyard), and Rs. 1500/- is performed among temple premises. whereas you’ll perform pooja at any time, playing pooja throughout Rahu kalam is taken into account to be auspicious. Sunday and Tuesday ar the most effective days to perform pooja as Sunday and Tuesday ar the times considered to be for Rahu and Kethu.(The Devastanam can prepare all Puja Materials)


Nithya Kalyanotsavam in Srikalahasti Temple:

Nithya Kalyana Seva is conducted to Sri Shiva – Parvathi daily within the name of the donors in conjunction with abhisheka aradhana payment of Rs.550/-. The devotees WHO build permanent endowment of Rs. 5500/-, for Nithya Kalyanotsavam, will perform this seva on any day chosen by them (except on 12 days of Omaha sivaratri Brahmostavam), The devotees WHO perform their puja can receive swamivari prasadam, Seshavastram, Lamination pic and Special Asirvachanam.


Nithya Annadana seva in Srikalahast Temple:

Annasritani Bhutani, Vietnam paranamitrisruti

tasmad annasn annamhi paramohini

There is no gift superior to Annadanam, the tradition of providing food to the sunging has been followed since the Vedic amount. Annadata Sukhibhava (may the supplier of food be happy) say the people, many crores of deserves occur owing to this pious act.

Sri Gnana Prasunambika Devi Nithya Annadana theme was came upon to supply free food to the devotees visited the sacred Srikalahasti Temple, no fewer than 200 devotees are fed daily below this theme.

Annadanam is preparing within the name of the donor, on the day chosen by him/her creating use of the interest secured on the donation. Donors will contribute any quantity over Rs. 1116/-. Annadanam is provided each year on the day of donor’s alternative exploitation solely the interest derived from the endowment.

Those who contribute lesser amounts toward this theme are going to be thought of as Donors by the Devasthanam. Generous contributions of the devotees on the premise of this theme are going to be welcome within the style of D.D. personally drawn in favour of the chief officer.


How to reach, Srikalahasti Temple Address

Tirupathi to Srikalahasti Temple = 42km 1hour byroad

Chitoor to Srikalahasti Temple = 106km 2hours byroad

Chennai to Srikalahasti Temple = 118km 2.30 hours byroad

Nearest Railway stations in all these places and Airport Available also these places.

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