Your co-operation

Your co-operation:

We know the fame of our temple in our town. Why don’t we share it with people on the Web? It will be quite useful for people who go on pilgrimage and also for people to know about their place itself better. So contribute to this page allocating some of your free time for telling about the temple in your village/town/city. In fact there are millions of temples in India.

So please send information only on those temples which were built before 1960 atleast. While sending the details please ensure that only the correct details are being sent in order to maintain the sacredness and exactness of the information presented to the world. It is better if you can send the following details

Temple Name                                     :
Swami Name                                      :
Ambaal Name:
Any other important deity of the temple         :
Thiirththam (pond or river)                    :
Sthala vruksham (tree of the temple)     :
Great saints who visited the temple       :
And then a detailed Sthala puraaNam    :

Send these information   :

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