Arulmigu Agastheeswarar Temple

This temple is located in historical famous place of dharapuram in tirupur district.Dharapuram is also known as paranthagapuram,Rajapuram and Viradapuram in the ancient days. In dharapuram at amatavathi (male porunai ) river bed our lord “Agastheeswarar” temple was established.


  Once in a era, on the occation of goddess parvathi devi’s wedding day,Brahma,Thirumal,Moppathu mukkodi Devar’s are assembled at mountain ‘ meru’ .At that time , meru’s northpart was lowered . Due to this , south part towords upwarded.

   At this movement , Lord siva send , Agathiyar to pothigai to make the earth equilibrium . On the way to pothigai , Agathiyar stayed at Dharapuram. He send his follower’s to kasi to bring ‘ sivalinga’. They make dalay and not return in time.Meantime , Agathiyar formed ‘Linga’ by Amaravathi river’s Band and prayed lord siva so, this temple’s god called as “Agastheeswarar”.


  Thereafter,Agathiyar’s followers brought linga from kasi.It is established as ‘kasi viswanathar’ in the right side of the temple.

  Panja pandavar’s prayed this god Agastheeswarar at their hidden life period . This temple has the importance of place, Theertham (holy water),and god grace.

  This temple was prayed by puthur Bhagavan Thirumalaisamy.Every devotee who is praying this god they will attain all the welfare’s and redeem from the trouples of marriage,employment,Heir’s issue and mental -calibre. The devotee’s are obtained all the goodness to take bath in amaravathi river.


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