Arulmigu Ramanathaswamy Temple

History :

The temple and the island of Rameswaram have acquired this name because, Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva, the God of Gods here on return from Sri Lanka. According to legend, after killing Ravana Lord Rama returned with his consort Goddess Seetha to India first stepping on the shores of Rameswaram. To expiate the “dosha” of killing a brahmin, Lord Rama wanted to offer worship to Lord Shiva. Since there was no shrine in the island had despatched Sri Hauman to Kailash to bring an idol of Lord Shiva.


Between 1897 and 1904, the ALAR family of Devakottai completed the imposing eastern tower of nine tiers 126 feet in height from Thiruppani funds. Between 1907 and 1925 they renovated the Sanctum Sanctorum and the prakaram(inner most corridor) by replacing the lime stones by black granite with adequate provision for light and ventilation and also arranged for the performance of Ashtabandana Kumbabishekam in 1925; then on 22-2-1947 and the third Ashtabandana Maha Kumbabishegam was performed on 5-2-1975.

World Famous Third Corridor :

Outer Wing – East_West – 690 feet

North-South – 435 feet

Innerwing – East_West – 649 feet

North-South – 395 feet

Total number of pillars – 1212

Height of Corridor – 22 feet 7 ½ inch

Second Corridor :

During the construction of first corridor, it was decided to renovate the second corridor. The lime stone structure in Second corridor was dismantled and started granited stone work. But only compound wall in west side and one portion in north side of western wing in south gate was renovate. After that no Renovation work as done.

Therefore, it was proposed to complete the Renovation work of Second Corridor by collecting Funds from the public. Between 1961 to 1985, the Renovation work of Second Corridor was taken up and completed the western side of Second Corridor and a portion in North and South side, from the Temple Renovation Fund. Now it has been proposed to complete the Renovation of Second Corridor which has been unfinished and the Renovation work is started now.


The Sethupathy mandapam in front of the Temple’s Raja Gopuram9main Tower) was constructed by Ramanatha Sethupathy, a descendant of Ramnad Raja dynasty, with his own donation of Rs. 2,75,000 /-. This construction was started on 19-11-69 and completed on 11-2-74.


It is also most essential to construct the North and South Gopurams. Shri Jagadguru Sringeri Peedathipathy and Shri jagadguru Kanchi Kamakoti Peedathipathy have given their kind blessings for the constructions of the North and South Gopurams of the Temple.


» 1008 silver kalasa Abishegam

» 108 silver Kalasa Abishegam

» 1008 Kalasa Abishegam (copper)

» 1008 Sangabishegam

» 108 Kalasa Abishegam (copper)

» 108 Sangabishegam

» Rudrabishegam

» Panchamirtha Abishegam

» Gangabishegam with Ganges & Vessel

» Swami Sahasranama Archanai

» Ambal Sahasranama Archanai

» Rudrajapam

» Spadikalinga Dharshanam

» Swami Astothra Archanai

» Ambal Astothra Archanai

» Gangai Pooja Sankalpam

» Silver Car Procession

» Panchamurthy Procession (Rishaba Vahanam)

» Ambal Gold Car Procession

» Milk Abishegam

» Rose Water Abishegam

» Kodi Theertham Abishegam

» Viboothi Abishegam

» Vadamalai & other Neyvedhyam

» Swamy Nagaparanam

» Ambal Kavasam

Pooja Timings

1. Palliyarai Deepa Arathana 05:00 A.M

2. Spadigalinga Deepa Arathana 05:10 A.M

3. Thiruvananthal Deepa Arathana 05:45 A.M

4. Vila Pooja 07:00 A.M

5. Kalasanthi Pooja 10:00A.M

6. Uchikala Pooja 12:00 NOON

7. Sayaratcha Pooja 06:00 P.M

8. Arthajama Pooja 08.30 P.M

9. Palliyarai Pooja 08:45 P.M

Festivals :

S.No Festival Beginning Ending Durations
1 Mahasivarathri (To be seen)
i. Rishaba Vaahana Dharshan
ii. Mahasivarathri Abishekam
iii. Silver Chariot
Mahasashti krishnapatcham Maasi (February, March) Mahakrishna Amavasai 10 days
2 Vasanthotsavam Vaikasa Sukkila Sashti Vaikasi (May – June) Vaisaka Paurnami 10 days
3 Ramalinga Prathishtai Jeshta Sukkila Suddha Sashti Aani (May – June) Ashata Paurnami 3 days
4 Thirukkalyanam (To be seen)
i. Rishaba Vaahanam
ii. Silver Chariot
iii. Thabasu Day
iv. Sayanasevai on Golden Pallakku
v. Thirukkalyana Day
Aashada Pagula Krishnashtami (July – August ) Siravana – suddham 17 days
5 Navarathri Festival Dasara (Vijayadasami Day) Bathrabatha Suddha Sukkila Pradhami Purattaasi (September – October) Dasami 10 days
6 Kantha Sashti Aasveeja Suddha Sukkila Aippasi (october – November) Aasveeja Suddha Sashti 6 days
7 Aarudhira Dharshna Maarkka Seerisha Sudda Sashti Sadhaya Natchatram Maargazhi (December – January) Maarkka Seerisha Sudda Paurnami 10 days
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