Body guard Muneeswaran

Body guard Muneeswaran Body guard Muneeswaran


Many of us believed that Lord Muneeswaran is a guardian angel in the villages they have the statue of Lord Muneeswaran in the start point of their village as they believed that Muneeswaran is protecting the villages from all the evil things and saving their village, so in many villages and many movies also said the same thing not only in the villages in city also you can see many Lord Muneeswaran temple. In Chennai Lord Bodyguard Muneeswaran temple is very famous and its situated in the hot of the city, yes very near to central railway station and adjacent to old Central Jail.

Even though the temple is not spacious and big the crowd will be huge, Thursday and Sunday will be heavy crowd, the crowd will go near to jail gate. Opposite to Lord Bodyguard Muneeswaran temple you can see an Angala Parameshwari amman Temple which is also very famous. You can see lot of new vehicles will stand in front of the temple which came for pooja, they believe that if they do the pooja for the vehicle it will be good and nothing can be happen. You can also see pedestrians and the people who cross the side of the temple will stop and pray for a moment especially bus drivers who pass the way, they strongly believes that Lord Muneeswaran is protecting them from the accident. People came to this temple and offerings Hen, cock, liquor, surutu and so on. He loves to listen Urmi melam and odukai sound.

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