Palani – Dhandayuthapani Temple

Palani Murugan Temple in Pazhani Tamilnadu IndiaAbout the Temple:
Palani Dhandayuthapani temple is hailed as the most eminent Murugan temple in India. On a single hillock in Palani district fully surrounded by greens and rivers sits this glorious temple. Top view from this hill will give you a grand feast to your eyes and the boisterous behavior of the monkeys will give you a hearty giggle.

The Saga behind this temple:
100 centuries ago in the paradise, Lord Siva conducted an event between his two sons, setting the rule that whoever revolves around the world faster than the other, will be rewarded with the fruit of wisdom. Ergo Lord Muruga started his race on the peacock back but Lord Vinayaga very smartly goes around their parents saying that they were his world and gained the reward. When Muruga came back after a tedious journey, he stood aghast to see the fruit in the hands of Vinayaka. He went furious with his father and came down to the earth with a vow that he won’t return back to his family. Lord Siva tried many tricks to pacify him but none worked out, then the poetess Avvaiyar sang a song praising Muruga that he himself (nee) is a fruit (Palam) of wisdom so there is no need for another fruit. That’s how the place got its name Palani.

The Murgan idol here is crafted by a great sage Bohar, who used 9 medicinal herbs to mold the statue of the God. That is why this temple is very famous and powerful. Pious devotees from all over the world visit this precious shrine and get drenched in the shower of blessings.

All Murugan temples are noted for Panchamirtham, and Palani pachamirtham is the top of all. The taste of this divine sweet will linger in our estuaries perpetually. No one will return from the temple without getting these sweets.

The temple’s committee men provide free meals for the devotees throughout the year. It is provided in a long dorm inside the temple and there will be a quite long queue awaiting to eat in this annadhanam.

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