கோட்டை வாராகி கொலுவிருக்கும் அரும்பரிதி
உனக்கு முக்கோண பீடம் அம்மா வாலை தாயே வாரும்ம்மா!! 
பஞ்சமி வாராகி பார் புகழும் தெய்வம் நீ உனக்கு ஐங்கோண பீடம் அம்மா அம்பிகையே வாருமம்மா!!  
 சத்ரு சம்ஹாரிணி நீ சங்கட ஹரிணி நீ உனக்கு ஷட்கோண பீடம் அம்மா சாம்பவியே வாருமம்மா!! 
 அஷ்ட வாராகி எட்டு திக்கும் காவல் நீ உனக்கு எண்கோண பீடம் அம்மா பைரவியே வாருமம்மா!!


We are very happy to take you all to a divine journey to our Universal mother of this holy land “Sri Kottai Varahi Amman Temple” situated in the midst of the lush green fields with a calm & serene atmosphere
in the beautiful village of Arumparuthi. This temple has a very unique feature with interesting facts.
Many years ago this place was used for meditation by two Siddhars from the sacred hills of “ Palani” as told by the natives of the village which later became a shelter for “cows”, here is where our Varahi disciple Guru Pallur Varahi Dasan started his meditation on a regular basis for the people across the globe to be completely cured from this Covid-19, So as per the instruction of Varahi amma in his dreams, he started performing Valapirai & Theipirai Panjami & Pournami yagams in a small level as days passed by the vibrations in this place was felt more and as per Varahi Amma’s order a temple has to be built in this place with a condition saying it has to be completed within 4 months /4years/ 40 years which was quiet challenging at this pandemic period but to our surprise the Bhoomi pooja was done on 16 th August 2020 and the kumbhabhishekam for the main diety Varahi Amma was performed on 7 th September 2020 which turns to be a very auspicious day where all the grahams and planets paved way in a
triangular form. The kumbhabishekam was initiated by the siddhars from the sacred “Palani hills followed by the special abhishekams and then the ritiuals where handed over to our Varahi disciple Guru Pallur Varahi Dasan .Live dharshan was telecasted and devotees received Varahi blessings. All this happened in just a matter of 21 days which was a tremendous miracle of Varahi Amma .
Every morning the first dharshan is for gomatha and then followed by devotees.

Structure & design of this Shrine:
It is in the form of Mahameru or SriChakram, and the Panchami princess Sri Kottai Varahi sits on the stone which in
the form of Shivalingam. The design is in such a way wherever you count from the door step to the place where
main deity is kept it will be in the triangular form counting comes to number 8*8 which is 64. She is in the form of a
“Valai Thaai” who is said to be the supreme mother for all the Siddhars, Yogis & Rishis to attain siddhi and the 64
Yoginis are said to reside here in this place & bless the people who visit this shrine , so if you worhship here it is
said that you ‘ll attain all the supreme powers .Ashta Varahi – 8 types of Varahi is in single form here.

● Special Valarpirai & Theipirai Panchami and Pournami yagams are done on a regular basis monthly.
● Nithya Chandi Homam was performed on Shraddha Navaratri which falls during Dassera.
● On Ashada Navaratri falls in the mid of June-July merely meant for Varahi Amman celebrated for 9 days,
Guru Pallur Varahi Dasan has done “Padha pooja for sumangalis given Vastram dhaanam with
Thambulam & served food.
● Annadhaanam is done on festival days.

Speciality of this shrine:
● To sort out land related issues
● Wishing for child birth
● Delay & Dosham (Chevvai, Sarpam) related problems in Marriage
● Family unity & completely cure misunderstanding between couple
● To get protection against evil forces created by Men & material.
In order to continue this divine journey we welcome generous souls who can contribute for dhaanams like
Annam,Cow,Tree,Vastram and Pooja items meant for Homam can also be sent Via Amazon & Flipkart. Courier
(Professional, ST-Courier & DTDC) facilities available to send things from your end.

Upcoming Events:
15 th November 2020 Guru Peyarchi Velvi ,
please fill in the google forms with details and prasadams after the Velvi
will be sent for the contributing members.
Ghee, Vastram & Homam items can be sent via Amazon & Flipkart,
gpay-9092878389. Mail id:

Sri Kottai Varahi Amman Temple
No.4/15, Sri Kottai Varahi Amman Temple
Street, Arumparuthi – 632106
Katpadi Taluk , Vellore
Contact – 9092878389
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Youtube – varahi kottai
Instagram – pallu varahi dasan
Temple Timings : 06.00am -01.00pm
04.00pm – 08.30pm

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