Sri Solaimalai Murugan temple

imagesAbout the temple:

Palamuthir Solai is the last army camp of Lord Muruga where he graces with his both consorts Valli and Deivanai. This temple is stashed between the wild greens of the Alagar hill. There is a small spring above this temple and the water from this spring contains lots of spiritual powers. This temple is at a distance of 19 km from Madurai.

Saga behind the temple:

The legend has it that this is the place where Lord Muruga disguised himself as a small boy and tested the knowledge of his pious devotee and the poetess Avvaiyar, by asking the question whether she wants sutta palam or sudatha palam (Black berry). Even now there stands the naval tree (blackberry) besides the temple and is worshipped by all.


Out of usual the black berry tree here blossoms in the month of October-November (the month when Sashti festival is commemorated) rather than July-September it is considered to be a world miracle.


People come to this temple to free themselves from the sins, obstacles in marriage or child birth and to have a prosperous life.


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