Thirumangalakudi Sree Prananadeswarar Temple Mangalambika sametha Prananathar Thirumangalakudi

Thirumagalakudi is 1 km north of Aduthurai and 10 kms from Kumbakonam.    Thirumangalakudi is a Village in Tiruvidaimarudur Taluk of Thanjavur District. 

It is known as Panchamangala Kshetra. The name of the place is Mangalakudi. The Goddess is Mangalambika. The Gopuram is Mangala Vimanam. The Holy Water is Mangala Theertham. The Vinayaka is Mangala Vinayaka. Everything in the temple is but Mangala – Prosperity.  The Sthala Viruksham is Kongu ilavu. Lord Prananadeswara is a Swayambu  lingam.   .  It is in Thirumangalakudi temple that even the Planets got relieved of their curses. The Lord has three faces representing human, animal and birds own forms, a rare one not found in other temples. Here, Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Protector, Sage Agasthya, Sun, Akashvani, Mother Earth worshipped the Lord. There are two holy waters here called Chandra theertham and Suriya Theertham. There are two Nataraja Sannidhis here. This was renovated by Kulothunga Chozha.  Goddess Mangalambika of this temple is prayed by women for long married life. (Dheerka sumangali Baghyam)
The Sthalapuranam for this temple goes like this.   A minister in Chola Kingdom, Alaivanar a staunch devottee of Lord Siva, used the money collected for tax from people for construction of a temple without the permission of the King. The king Kulothunga  on knowing this ordered for the ‘Sirasedham” and the minister asked the people to conduct the last rituals, in the village in which the temple construction was going on. On punishment of cutting off the head was over, the wife of the Minister fervently prayed to Mangalambikai here for restoration of life of her husband. Mangalambigai requested lord siva to restore the life and he gave -Pranan – to the minsiter. Hence the Lord here is known as Prananathar. The Ambigai here had helped in saving the Tirumangalyam of the wife of the minister and hence known as Mangalambikai.  

The speciality here is Curd Rice prasadham given in Yeruku leaf for people with Diseases like Venkustam and other Nervous problems. 

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