Tiruchendur – Subramanya Swamy Temple


About the temple:
This is the only temple seated on the land and besides the sea. The lovely breeze from the sea and the melodious song from the temple coalesce in the air of Tiruchendur and fill our hearts with divinity. This ancient temple is located at the distance of 40km from Tuticorin.

Saga behind this temple:
The legend has it that this is the place where Lord Muruga annihilated the villainous demon Soorapadman and later reprieved him on the sixth day from the new moon. This day is hailed as “Kantha Sasti” and is celebrated in grandeur.

This temple has an aperture from where we can hear the OM vibration and the source of the sound is till now a mystery. This temple is also known for the meticulously done architecture.

Here the lord is offered abisheka for nine times in a day, during this abisheka food stuffs like curd rice, sweet Pongal, payasam, grains, dal and many more are also kept before the lord and are given to the poor people after the completion of the ritual.

People suffering from obstacle in marriage and in child boon will be delivered from their sins and sorrows if they visit Lord Muruga gracing along with his spouse in the shrine of Tiruchendur.

This place is near Tuticorin. It can also be reached from all parts of Tamil Nadu.

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